Friday, February 20, 2015

Billy Joel - St. Paul Civic Center 11.01.82

This one, although it had been around for a long time, was just awful quality. Thanks to Sir Eric Blair McCartney for providing us with the tape that was traded around years ago. There were a few spots where the tape had a little warble noise etc, and I was actually able to clean it up pretty nicely. I also did a slight speed correction, as it was off. Anyways, old version, most I've seen were 128k mp3, speed was off, and had very little bass in it.
Sir Eric has asked, that for trading purposes, please do not downgrade and share as mp3, only flac. End user / personal use is up to you, as I know some people only have the ability to play mp3, that is fine, just don't trade or share the lossy version.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Billy Joel The 2014 Soundboards

Soundboard recordings that have been released last year during the tour. Venue and date info will be on the inside tray , stay tuned.