Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How do I get the shows?

I've had a few people ask, "How do I get the shows you have?" , as well as, "Do I need a special program to get them?"

Here's the easy answer : All are in zip files, which can be opened with Windows, or any number of other programs . As far as getting the download, you do NOT need to install anything. The download pages are all ad based, and do contain installers and similar software. You do NOT need these. When you click a link, it will open a new window, and it will look like this:

That Big Green Button is the only thing you need to hit, and your download will start. You can only get one file at a time. After a few of them in the same session, you may have to deal with a captica , its a little thing where you put the text in a box, showing , basically that you are a human, and not a robot..... don't ask, I didn't invent it lol. Even if that happens, enter the text, and hit the"Authorize Download" button, and it will go back to the normal screen. Enjoy!!

Billy Joel - MSG 16 04.03.15